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Travelling to Tblisi

Tbilisi is not only the capital of Georgia, but it has always been considered the great metropolis of the Caucasus. It is a city of ancient history, founded in the Vth century, a fascinating mix of European and Asian cultures, a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious city. Every corner of this welcoming place is full of stories and adventures. Tbilisi is home to major cultural events held in Georgia, starting from international exhibitions, concerts and festivals, extending to small-scale, extraordinary cultural celebrations found on tiny stages and squares throughout the city.


Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) is the main international airport in Georgia and is located 17 kilometers (11 miles) southeast of the city.

Reaching the city center is possible by public transport or taxi.

Municipality Bus # 37 serves the route Airport – Tbilisi City. It departs from the bus station in front of the Arrival hall to the city center. A one-way ticket costs 0.50 GEL.

A taxi service at Tbilisi International Airport is available right outside the terminal and provides 24-hour service to passengers. The journey time to the city center is about 20-30 minutes. Taxi fee is around 35 GEL (approx. 12 Euros) from the airport to the city center. Please make sure that you have enough amount of Georgian Lari with you as you have to pay in cash.

If you need a receipt, make sure to ask for it in advance.

Online taxi apps are also available in Tbilisi: Bolt, Maxim, Yandex Go.

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Public transport

“Metromoney” card

“Metromoney” card is a general way to pay in municipal transport (metro, bus, minibus) and Rike-Narikala cable car.

Owners of “Metromoney” cards automatically get discounts in municipal transport (metro, bus); they can also pay a fare in minibuses in Tbilisi using these cards.

Purchasing “Metromoney” card is possible at any payment office of metro stations and Rike-Narikala cable car station. It costs 2 GEL. No document is required to purchase the card. You can top up the card in any metro station and both stations of Rike-Narikala cable car; express payment machines of “Bank of Georgia” and service-centers;

Checking the balance on the card is possible in metro stations by swiping your card on automatic control unit, on bus ticket and in payment offices of stations (both metro and cable car).

If you pay by card in buses or metro you can travel for free within the next 1.5 hours.


One of the most popular city transports is the Metro which costs 0.50 GEL. The underground rail system operates two lines; the Akhmeteli- Varketili Line and the Saburtalo Line. Trains run from 6:00 am to midnight.


The most dominant form of transportation is the minibus (also called as “marshutka”). Throughout the city a fixed price is 0.80 GEL. For longer trips outside the city, higher fares are in place. There are predefined stops for the minibus lines, but in some places they can be hailed in the streets like taxis and each passenger can exit whenever he likes. Minibuses run from 8 am till 10-11 pm.


Buses usually have fixed routes and schedules. Schedules can be found here. Buses run from 8 am till 11 pm and only cost 50 Tetri (0.50 GEL).

Details on timetables, journey planners and other useful information can be found on the Tbilisi Transport Company website. The company has also launched a mobile application and it is available on App Store or Play Store.

Useful resources

‘Aerial Georgia’ by George Shermazanashvilis