2024 Organising Committee

  • Steve Carter, Vincent Wildlife Trust, UK
  • Katherine Morley, Vincent Wildlife Trust, UK
  • Julia Bracewell, Vincent Wildlife Trust, UK
  • Alexandru Bulacu, Romanian Wilderness Society, RO
  • Alexandra Duma, Romanian Wilderness Society, RO
  • Adrian Hagatis, Romanian Wilderness Society, RO
  • Andrei Mihalca, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca, RO
  • Iain Trewby, Fauna & Flora, RO
  • Mihaela Faur, Fauna & Flora, RO

Scientific Committee 

  • Steve Carter, Vincent Wildlife Trust
  • Jenny Macpherson, Vincent Wildlife Trust
  • Andrei Mihalca, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca
  • Iain Trewby, Fauna & Flora
  • Morton Elmeros, Aarhus University
  • Tim Hoffmeester, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Robbie MacDonald, University of Exeter
  • Izabela Wierzbowska, Jagiellonian University
  • Margarida Santos-Reis, Universidade de Lisboa


Organising Committee Partners

Vincent Wildlife Trust

Vincent Wildlife Trust has been at the forefront of wildlife conservation in the UK and Ireland for more than 45 years. Our work is focused on British and Irish mammals and is currently centred on the rarer bats and a small number of carnivores, notably members of the weasel family (the mustelids). We are a leader in developing and implementing innovative approaches that halt and reverse declines in threatened mammal species, by leading the way with evidence-led conservation work.

Romanian Wilderness Society

The Romanian Wilderness Society (SRS) was founded in 2016 to contribute to the conservation, promotion and recognition of wilderness areas in Romania as an integral part of the development of Romanian society, which respects the balance between environmental, social and economic principles, and other specific nature conservation activities. SRS wishes to actively contribute to the promotion and application of the concept of large-scale wilderness, with landscapes dominated by natural processes, in which protected natural areas are managed in an integrated manner.

Fauna & Flora

Fauna & Flora is the nature conservation charity protecting the diversity of life on Earth. For the survival of species and habitats, the planet and people. As the world’s first international conservation charity, Fauna & Flora has been shaping best practice for a century. Today, they support, sustain and strengthen local nature conservation action around the world. The charity works closely with local conservation partners to protect habitats, revive the ocean, stop extinctions, stop illegal wildlife trade, combat climate change and more. They also use their collective expertise to inspire positive change globally.

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca

The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca is the successor of the prestigious Higher School of Agriculture of Cluj, founded 145 years ago, in October 1869, under the name of Institute of Agronomic Studies, Cluj-Manastur. In 1906, the Institute reached the Academy level, becoming the Academy of Agriculture of Cluj. The goal of the university is to promote the excellence in the field of education, research and innovation by primary academic initial and postgraduate instruction, by life long learning and integration within the universal value system according to the requirements of a knowledge based society.